Once you start growing and using fresh herbs from your garden you will fall in love with them too!

They are delicious, and full of vitamins and minerals. They also have medicinal and therapeutic properties. They are wonderful in oils, vinegars, jams, teas, syrups, and honey and butter recipes.

Herbs also produce pretty flowers that are commonly used in bouquets, sachets, soaps, and scented bath oils. 

Growing herbs successfully depends on your knowledge of each herb. Do your homework; some are hard to grow from seed, some are perennial, some are biennial, and some are annual. Try experimenting with one or two types at a time and figure out what you like best.

Check out a few of my favorite herbs to learn their growing habits and uses.
Garlic Chive Blooms
By Miss Lady Bug


Carolyn Martin
07/11/2012 12:03pm

Lady Bug I love your Blog and all the information that you put on a page I am going to try a Herb Garden and love the Herb Butter it is wonderful .I really love your pictures of everything can't wait to get started.

07/11/2012 5:54pm

Thank you so much Carolyn! I love the herb butter as well... herbs are easy to grow so you should have no problem starting your herb garden.


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