Rich Sweetness 132 melons are delicious little gems.  This variety puts out small fruits that are perfect "one size " servings.  The fruits have beautiful orange and green stripes, and weigh only about ¼ lb.  The flesh is white and fragrant, and has a sweet mild taste that's similar to a honeydew.

Kids love to grow these, so it's a great project to share with them.

This heirloom melon is from the Soviet Union and produces all season long.

Sow directly in the garden about two weeks after the last frost of spring.  Plant seeds one inch deep, 12 inches apart, in rows 3 feet apart.  Or plant in mounds, 4-5 seeds per mound, with mounds about 3 feet apart.  

As with any melon, they prefer a hot, sunny location with fertile, well drained soil.  Keep moist, but be careful not to over water.  Most melons take up a lot of space, but you can easily trellis the delicate vines of this variety.

I hope you will try this delicious little melon in your home garden.
~ Rich Sweetness 132 ~
By Miss Lady Bug


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